Church History

In 1914, The Reverend Jake Turner called a small congregation together for the purpose of worship. Services were conducted under a bush harbor for a one year. Reverend Turner and the followers of Christ secured finances to have a building erected in 1916. The church was built on a tract of land donated by Brother John and Sister Mattie Briggs. This church was called, Union Gospel Baptist Church,located in the Perry House (the Briggs property of Arlington Road).

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I introduce myself as a man from meager means, raised by a family of strong faith and determination to fulfill God’s will for their lives. My father, a man of high moral values and a mother who had faith that could move mountains. I was raised by parents in a Christian home, taught that we all have something to offer to humanity for the good of others and to make God’s will of love available to all. This foundation of love and faith in my home is the basis upon which my faith in God and understanding of His Scriptures have shaped my life to be one of service to my community and world.
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Dr. Bernice L. Carson was born in Richmond, Virginia where she attended public schools. She later matriculated at Norfolk State University obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She spent six years as a teacher with Richmond Public Schools after which she began her master’s work at Virginia State University in 1985 in the department of Psychology. In 1989 she obtained her master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology…
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